League 1: Brush Gresik United, Bali United Slide Persipura

League 1: Brush Gresik United, Bali United Slide Persipura

Bali United reap the full points when they travel to Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan to face Gresik United in advanced League 1, Monday (31/7/2017). Bali won with a landslide score of 3-1 Situs Poker Online.

Bali United and Gresik United immediately played a fast tempo early in the first round match. But Tridatu soldiers-nicknamed Bali United- more active attack Gresik United defense.

The pressure from troops Widodo Cahyono Putro seems to make Gresik United’s defense line nervous. In the 17th minute, Bali United winning goal by defender Gresik United, Achmad Faris.

Yabes Roni cross wrongly anticipated Faris. As a result, the ball actually rolled into the team’s own goal.

Goals are making Gresik United stung. Many times, Hanafi’s team is trying to find a counterweight. But until the first half was over, Gresik United’s effort clapped a hand.

Gresik United new effort to bear fruit in the second half. Arsyad Yusgiantoro scored in the 68th minute through a left-foot shot at close range.

The same position makes the game back running fun. But Bali United in the end more jelly use the gap in defense.

Bali United also added two more goals each through Fadil Sausu and Sylvanus Comvalius. Fadil listed his name on the scoreboard at minute 84 while Comvalius on 88 minutes.

The victory also belongs to Bali United after Gresik United failed to create a counterweight. Thanks to this victory, Bali United pack 32 points and move Persipura from the runner-up position of the League 1 standings.

The composition of players Gresik United Vs Bali United

Gresik United: Aji Saka; Syahrul Mustofa, Achmad Faris, Goran Ganchev, Jusmadi, Andre Putra, Agus Indra, David Faristian, Yusuf Effendi, Arsyad Yusgiantoro, Patrick Daniel.

Bali United: Wawan Hendrawan; Ricky Fajrin, Agus Nova, Ahn Byung Keon, Made Andhika, Fadil Sausu, Taufiq, Marcos Flores, Sukarja, Yabes Roni, Comvalius.

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