Aji Santoso Confirm Conducive Persela Internal Conditions

Aji Santoso Confirm Conducive Persela Internal Conditions

Lamela Persela coach, Aji Santoso, denied the issue of disunity within the team. He insists that his squad is solid.

Rumors are appearing after Persela lost to Arema FC in advanced League 1, Saturday (16/09/2017). Aji did not want it to interfere with his team’s preparation against PS TNI at Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan, Friday (22/09/2017).

“The condition of the players is very good. Even I was a little willing to convey, had read the news in the newspaper, the condition in Persela there are sparks with the coach, it is not true. All in conducive conditions, the atmosphere is pretty good, “said Aji Santoso, Thursday (21/09/2017).

“If there is any news, I do not think it is in line with the reality that is in the team, because it can be asked to players, all support each other. Should be in the situation Persela are still in the bottom position, we are hand in hand, either the entire coach, players, or administrators, so that Persela could be better, “he said.

For the game later, the former coach Arema is not dismissed there will be substitutions in some positions. One of those goalkeepers where Choirul Huda is likely to be rested and will be replaced by Ferdiansyah.

“We’ll see tomorrow. But we see these developments during training, I did install Ferdi, “said Aji.

Aji also said that he had a compelling reason to attract Huda in the game counter Arema in the 72nd minute. He chose to include Ferdi who is actually a second goalkeeper.

“Surely anywhere, there are several reasons why coaches change players. One may be injured, the second may be because the game is not good, the third condition is not good. I think it’s also a normal turn and obviously every coach would want his team better, “he said.

Not just the goalkeeping sector. Changes will also be in midfield and front. For the middle position, Persela will get an injection with the return of Kosuke Yamazaki Uchida from injury. While in front, Saddil Ramdani back after strengthening U-19 national team.

“For Saddil, God willing, the condition is good and earlier when the exercise is also good. Insha Allah also later will be played as a starter. While Kosuke, this kid I acungi thumb, has a good fight spirit because although the condition I think is still 90 percent, but he’s ready to play from the beginning, “said Aji.

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